11 February 2011

The Bund @ Shanghai

Snapshots during my recent Shanghai trip.

18 May 2010

Twin Towers Day n Night

I took a walk around the KLCC Petronas Twin Towers recently. Captured some shots at different time of the day and night.

This is how it looks in the day and also at night.

18 March 2010

A Cozy Place To Chill-out

We celebrated our anniversary yesterday at a place we never knew existed.

The ambience was cozy, staff quite friendly and the Set Lunch was such a bargain.
I ordered their special Foot-long Sausage set which came with Iced-Lemon Tea, Garlic Bread with Mushroom Soup and even a dessert of Ice-Cream .... hmm... slurp slurp!.

I'll be back to try out other dishes...

This PIZZA vs SATAY Cafe is located in Aman Suria, next to Dataran Prima.

Its been a long time


I am back after such a long absence from blogging activities.

I shall be writing more and post more pictures of places I've visited, people I've met and food I've tasted.

God bless.

19 October 2009

After the Storm - Global Warming?

Did you notice it? I woke about 6.45am last Sunday...when the heavy rain and thunderstorm stopped. It rained heavily since about 3.30am.

When I looked out the balcony...Whoa! What a sight...the sky was red or orange colour to be exact and its almost sunrise time.

I quickly grabbed my camera and took a couple of "time-lapsed" shots. One minute difference on each shot. Then I realized it's about climate change....the GLOBAL WARMING process.
I watched a program on Discovery Channel about the effects of Global Warming on Iceland...glaciers melting by the minute.

Are we feeling yet? What are we gonna do?

Lets begin with ourselves..... STOP those indiscriminate open-burning, reduce the chopping down of trees, etc. You can make a difference...be Eco-friendly...don't destroy the creation of God.

District & Land Office

Have you written your Will? How do you intend to distribute with your assets?
The choice is yours.

I was at the District Land Office to sort out some legal documentation recently for someone. It could be a very tedious process...documentation, travelling, different dept, different locations, etc.

Anyway, I was there to stand as witness and executor. It's good you layout your plans, intentions, put it all down in writing..."black & white"...
Wanna leave as a Testate or Intestate? The choice is yours. Make your choice...today!

Different district, different state, different location...

16 October 2009

Lunch @ My Kitchen

Whoa...I like it. Had lunch at my kitchen. Oops! I mean to say had my lunch at the My Kitchen Restaurant.

It has evolved. I see changes to the design n layout of the restaurant, and a little on the menu. The Set Lunch was a value-buy., and taste good, too.

I still could remember a couple of years back when I first discovered this place, I spoke to the owner, Candy about promoting her restaurant on 8TV's HO-CHIAK program. I think she was not ready for it yet that time...quite skeptical. Now, she's gone full-fletched....so different....an up and coming young entrepreneur.
I'd say...Go ahead, try out their dishes or perhaps surf up at www.mykitchenrestaurant.com.my

The Chicken Rice Ball Set Lunch

...Ho Chiak...